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Convert Your Stock Transporter Van Into a Custom Masterpiece

If you want to have a customized road trip vehicle, transporter vans can be a great project. There are a lot of these vehicles available, as well as OEM and aftermarket parts. This makes it a more straightforward customization project for you to take on. The following information will help you convert your transporter van into a custom masterpiece:

Starting with a Solid Base Vehicle

You are going to want to start with a solid vehicle for your customization project. This should be the main vehicle with most of the parts you need to get started on the project. There are features you want to start with, including:

The less rust and decay that older models have, the easier it is going to be to do the custom modifications. You will also want to look for a vehicle that has spare parts with it, which can be useful when doing customization work.

Designing Customizations and Planning

When you are planning on doing custom modifications to a transporter van, you want to have a good plan. Sketch the van the way it is now, and start visualizing the modifications. You can make original drawings, as well as new drawings for the custom design. This will make it easier to follow a plan and see your project through to competition.

Gutting the Van and Taking Inventory

Once you have your plan, you will be ready to start gutting the van. You will want to remove all the stock parts and begin taking an inventory. You can also start making some of the modifications to the base of the vehicle, including:

The changes that you make while gutting the vehicle will make certain modifications easier. This can be done to do things like installing a custom roof or other aftermarket features.

Putting the Van Back Together with Custom Features

After you have gutted the van, you will be ready to put everything back together. This is when you will want to start adding the custom design features. Some of the custom details to consider for this phase of your project include:

The custom modifications can be improvements to the original equipment or additional features to add functional design elements.

Transporter vans can give you an affordable and versatile base vehicle for your customization project. Contact a VW transporter parts service to get what you need to get started.