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3 Big Reasons To Junk Your Car For Cash

Do you have a car that just doesn't work at all? Is it so bad that the dealer won't even take it for trade and you're not sure what to do with your broken vehicle? There comes a point in time where it's no longer worth it to try to repair your vehicle when it breaks down. But you can't exactly throw your car out with the household trash, so you may feel like you're stuck with a broken-down vehicle that you can't even use. However, there is an option that you might not have considered: selling your car as scrap. This can be a great option for a variety of reasons, including:

No disposal fees: If you have your vehicle towed to the local scrapyard to get rid of it, you're going to be paying both for the tow and whatever disposal fees the scrapyard charges. Depending on where you are located in relation to the scrapyard and the scrapyard's fees, it could cost you hundreds of dollars to dispose of your vehicle. On the other hand, if you use a company that will pay you to junk your car, they are the ones that will cover any towing fees. Even if you don't get much cash for your vehicle, you can count the lack of towing fees as cash in your pocket. 

Environmentally friendly: Why are some companies willing to pay you to junk your car when others want you to pay them to dispose of the exact same vehicle? The answer is simple: they will remove parts that are still in good condition to be reused on other vehicles. For instance, your engine might be shot but maybe your bumper and windows are still in usable condition. While these parts aren't worth much money on their own, it's still worth it from an environmental perspective to reuse as much of a particular vehicle as possible. 

Fewer hassles: Sometimes, dealers will claim that they will take any vehicle at all for trade. So you might be tempted to load up your current vehicle and have it towed down to the dealership. Once you get there, you find out that it's going to take some time to have the vehicle appraised. After the appraisal process is over, you could still be out significant amounts of money because it cost you more in towing fees to get the vehicle to the dealership than the dealership is going to give you as a trade-in value. When you sell your vehicle to a company that will junk your car, you know ahead of time exactly what you're going to be getting for your vehicle; there will be no untoward surprises when it comes to what you're going to get.