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Finding Engine Parts for Your Antique Tractor

If you have an antique tractor that you are rebuilding or just trying to keep running, finding the right parts for the engine or other parts of the tractor can be challenging. If the tractor is extremely rare, it can complicate the search, but there are some places you can still find the parts you need. 

New Parts

It is typically challenging to find new engine parts for your antique tractor because they are no longer in production. When the manufacturer stopped making the tractor, they stopped producing parts as well. Sometimes you will run across a place that still has some very old stock on the selves that was forgotten because people stopped looking for the parts. 

These parts are often original and very rare, so if you find them, it is a good idea to buy them right away. Leaving them on the shelf until another time might mean you lose the opportunity to buy them because the next guy to find find the parts bought them first.

Used Parts

Sometimes finding used antique engine parts for your tractor is easier than getting new ones, but in a lot of cases, the components may need some restoration to ensure they will work. You can often find used parts online in classified listings or on bulletin board sites. 

If you are buying a part online, be careful and check out the seller very well so that you know you are getting the right part and that the seller is going to ship the part after you pay for it. Once you get the part, you may need to strip and paint the piece or restore it so that it looks good, but make sure it works before you put the time and money into restoring or refinishing the part. 

Aftermarket or Reproduction Parts

Aftermarket parts are by far the most accessible parts to get for your antique tractor engine, but they are not original, so some restorers will not use them. If you are buying parts to keep the tractor running, aftermarket parts that are made to the original specifications are good options. They will function as the original parts did, but are far easier to get than original parts.

Some hardcore restorers will not use any aftermarket parts on their projects. Still, you have to decide if you are comfortable using a component that is made to the original specs but with modern manufacturing in your project. The aftermarket parts may make the antique tractor's value a little lower, but if you are not planning to sell it, it won't affect you.

If you are trying to find parts for your old tractor, consider looking at antique Ford tractor engine parts.