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Selling Your Hunk-A-Junk Car? Common Questions

Most everyone has held onto a vehicle for far too long and ended up with a hunk of junk that no longer serves any real purpose. These old cars can get positioned in garages and driveways for years at a time, but they do not have to be stuck there. There are companies that buy junk cars for cash. Check out some of the most frequent questions about junk car buyers. 

Can you get money for a junk car that has a title lien?

Legally speaking, you do have to get the title released before you can sell the vehicle, even if it is just a junk vehicle that is not serving anyone any purpose. You will need to contact the lienholder to determine how much you owe or if there is anything that you need to do in order to get the lien released. Any reputable junk car buyer will require that you turn over the title to the vehicle before they will pay you for it because this prevents them from getting into legal trouble later on. 

What if your junk car is not even on wheels anymore?

Having a car propped up on blocks is actually more common than you may realize. Junk car buyers see this situation a lot, so they are well equipped to handle vehicles that may not even have wheels. Generally, the vehicle will be carefully rolled onto a flatbed trailer for hauling because a traditional tow truck can't be used. Therefore, you may be offered a bit less for your junk vehicle if it does not have wheels or tires on it at all. If those wheels and tires are still hanging around somewhere, it may yield you more money if you put them on the vehicle. 

Is it OK if the car is not actually on your property?

You can sell a junk car even if it is not on your property as long as you do have a legal right to access the property to retrieve the vehicle. For instance, if you have left the car parked at an old rental house, make sure you clear it with your prior landlord so you know you have permission to be on the property. If the vehicle is parked on a property that is enclosed in a gate, make arrangements for the property owner to be present when the car is scheduled to be picked up. 

Contact a company that offers money for junk cars to learn more.